Saturday, February 05, 2011

Iconic Food At the Parks

Because they're the headliners,  roller coasters and other thrill rides are the major topics of conversation when it comes to theme parks.

But a major aspect of everyone's park day is the food!

Yes!  There's pizza, hamburgers, ice cream and other typical amusement park fare.  But some places have snacks and treats that you just can't get anywhere else.

Maybe it's a particular type of french fry treat or a certain way a park prepares their funnel cakes.  Whatever it is, we're betting you have a favorite iconic food item from a park you've visited.

For this week's show, we want to know what it is!

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Disney_fan said...

I alway's go for a Dole Whip at Disney. Whether it's unlimited self-serving dispenser at the Polynesia or served with a Cherry on top at Disneyland. They are the best.

Anonymous said...

Hi guys! One of my favorite iconic places to eat, not for the food, but for the ambiance, is Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Café in Walt Disney World! You have to get a seat right up front so you can catch all of Sonny Eclipse’s jokes, songs, etc. I’m not sure how long he’s been performing this exact same show, but it seems like forever!! I do remember when there were live bands performing on this stage. I liked it then and I like it now!! Plus this eatery offers a really great variety of food and it’s all very tasty!

The other iconic spot for me is the Plaza Ice Cream Parlor on main street in Walt Disney World. Ever since I was a kid visiting WDW in the 70’s and 80’s we always stopped here on the way out at the end of a long day and got an ice cream cone. When I started bringing my kids in the 90’s we always made a stop here as we left the park at night. The ice cream flavors have changed over the years, but the draw remains the same. Especially when you can smell the freshly made waffle cones as you pass by and when you enter. YUM!!

The other theme park food that comes to mind immediately is getting your little Hershey bar at the end of the factory tour at Hershey Park. The smell of the chocolate the permeates every inch of that place is heavenly, even if it may not all be real!!

Anonymous said...

I would say the turkey legs at Disney just don't live up to the hype for me. They are huge! That's not bad, but when the bird gets that big there is all orders of extra "stuff" that becomes part of the birds muscle/bone structure to support the leg. You end up either being poked by this boney/cartilage like structure of having to eat around it.

The other part is the flavor. The smoke flavor to me tastes fake. It's the difference between eating Kalua pig that was done in an imu vs made in an oven with liquid smoke.

I ended up wasting most of the leg and seriously considered going to the cart to ask for my money back.

And YET, this along with the Churro and Dole Whip are really considered the triumvirate of the Disney snack foods. (giant dill pickles run a distant fourth). At least with the Dole Whip you can make it at home This guy, I think he's tied into Disney podcasting somehow when you look at other videos that he posts.

So yeah, that would be my input to you guys. And you really need to get Greg K, Mario and Flava on the show if you're going to talk snacks

Busch_Gardens_W said...

Busch Gardens Williamsburg, Das Festhaus no longer the same Pizza. Back in the day, everytime I went to Busch Gardens-W I alway's headed to Das Festhaus to get the very huge New York style pizza. This alway's deterred me from the other great huge food selection at Das Festhaus. Unfortunately, they no longer have that style of pizza anymore. Instead have gone to a cheap frozen food market style round pizza. But I still go to Das Festhaus everytime just to see if that pizza has return, if not I get there other great food selection like their sandwiches.

Travel_Dis said...

The popcorn at the Magic Kingdom street carts. The Smell of that fresh popcorn is alway the thing to get when visiting the Magic Kingdom. It's so alluring.

Clint said...

The Ribs at Trappers Smokehouse Busch Gardens Williamsburg. The smell coming off those grills to the unlimited option makes this the best food at the park. They come with waffle files and a roll and eating outside with the smell of that BBQ ribs makes the trip to Busch all worth it.

Universal_Guru said...

The $7.00 dollar Whopper at Burger King Whopper Bar at Universal Studios City Walk Orlando. Mainly cause it's the only thing that taste good at Universal Studios. Most of Universal food isn't that great. I may pay a hefty price tag, but at least I know how good it taste. Also, you can get of 50 variation of toppings at the Whopper bar.

Drebe73 said...

I'd agree with Disney_fan. Dole whip is my favorite treat at Disney World. Pineapple Dole whip float to be exact.

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