Sunday, February 20, 2011

The "Day at the Park with Neil" Contest - Sam and Neil at Holiday World

This entry into the contest comes from Sam who says... 

"This is from a few years ago...I can't believe I forgot about it!

My friend and I drove up to Holiday World with NPH back in 2007.  It was a great day!

Things got a little intense when Neil mistook Holidog for Captain Hammer in disguise, but other than that we had a good time.

I've attached a picture from one of our many rides on The Voyage.  That's me in the front right, my friend in the front left, and Neil rocking it out in the back."

Nice job Sam!

If you want to participate in our contest, check out our blog post that explains everything you need to know about The Neil Patrick Harris Project and the "Day at the Park with Neil" contest!


Paula Werne, Holiday World PR said...

Wow. I must have been absent that day.


Anonymous said...

He should have ridden the 2nd wooden coaster built at Holiday World.

That would have been LEGEND...wait for it...DARY!

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