Thursday, February 03, 2011 #515 - You Against the Whole Wide World

In the theme park universe, there are rides that are loved by everyone.

Well, almost everyone.

There are probably some rides out there that you can't stand, but for some reason, everyone else in the world loves.

This week, we hear from a lot of Coaster Radio listeners as they stir up controversy and talk about  the popular rides they would personally get rid of at the parks.

Surprisingly, this is a topic people are passionate about!

You'll be shocked at some of the rides people want to dismantle.

We'll also have a Live Trip Report from Australia, a new idea for " Day" and a visit from everyone's favorite crustacean.

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BJ Wanlund said...

Oh boy... Here goes, guys. My thoughts are included here in their entirety, in order of their mention on the podcast, plus a QOTW answer.

Kilimanjaro Safaris are really for the total theme park commandos who get there RIGHT at park open, which might be why he hates that one.

Yeah yeah, I know, Alien Encounter is sort of disqualified, but PLEASE dismantle Stitch. Seriously, the technology is great, but isn't THAT expensive to keep it going on and on forever.

Mission Space into Horizons, I can totally see. HATE that one, and I tend to be far more careful on those rides after they make me seasick (this was actually before they put the Green team into place and made it totally lame).

As far as the IOA Jurassic Park River Adventure, just GET RID OF THE JURASSIC PARK SECTION ENTIRELY. Nuff said. Put something really awesome in there, and take out the space-sucking Jurassic Park section entirely! It's essentially a walkthrough just to make sure you get to Harry Potter-land that much faster.

I will very much complain about the Yeti, because I absolutely got scared by that thing when I rode Everest.

I will agree wholeheartedly with EB on Mr. Toad.

When you mentioned KD, I couldn't HELP but think of Yogi's Cave...

Small World? Seriously? I think that that ride is an awesome ride, and I must say that I am the unbelievably weird guy who can't NOT ride Small World on any trip (not this last one, as I didn't have the time to), and I also am the weirdo who actually LIKES that one

I comment mainly on the Disney rides because I have more experience with those rides and attractions than I do with the rides at other parks, and I make it my personal policy not to comment on rides that I haven't ridden at least once.

As far as your QOTW goes, I gotta go to the one iconic food item I have actually had, and that is the Butterbeer at IOA. I had the frozen Butterbeer, and it was 100% delish. Heck, it was so 100% delish I stumbled over my words on an abortive voicemail!

And I'll give you a bonus food item, but with a twist: The frozen Coke at Walt Disney World; you can get it at Club Cool in Epcot and at Goofy's Candy Company at Downtown Disney, but the twist is that I've had it with the custom cups they used to have. On my last trip to WDW, I tried to get the custom Build-A-Cup Frozen Coke again, but the lady told me that they didn't make those anymore, which to my mind makes absolutely zero sense. Why wouldn't they keep a surefire moneymaker like the Build-A-Cup Frozen Cokes around? More likely, they probably dismantled them in order to re-tool them to have more appeal to the kiddies, because they had a very, VERY limited selection of characters from what I remember.

Anyhow, have a fantastic week you guys, and I'll talk with you later.


C. Pred said...

Great show guys. With Six Flags Great America as my home park, (I live 4.72 miles away!) my choices are biased towards my personal experience.

First, I would get rid of Six Flags Great Adventure's new addition, the Green Lantern after the 2011 season. Give them a little and taketh away. We were supposed to get Chang up until the change in SF management. We even sought zoning approval from the Gurnee town board for Chang and have it shipped elsewhere. Our last big coaster addition was Superman: Ultimate Flight back in 2003.

Last, I would remove Deja Vu from Silverwood where we sent our ride to. Sure we had problems keeping it running, but how can they run it successful? I would just remove it out of spite and jealousy because our ride was replaced with a slow boat pirate battle ride that is always empty.

As far as next week's topic with park food goes, the funnel cake's at SFGam are popular but I always hit up the candy shop with iconic candy that I remember from my youth as I am in the park.

Keep it rolling,

Anonymous said...

I never got a chance to chime in on last week’s topic, but I will now!! I HATE water rides at regular theme parks. If you want to get wet then go to a water park. All of the Kali River Rapid type rides should go!!! They are all DUMB!!!!! I hate the fact that there are hoards of people all around the “changing areas” or lockers or whatever that each park that has one of these dumb rides has to install. Dumb!!! Oh, and did I tell you I think these rides are dumb!!!! Plus there are always those idiots who just walk around the park soaking wet or even sit down wet at an eating place or on another ride.

Talk to you later!! Denise

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