Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The "Day at the Park with Neil" Contest - Nathan and Neil at Hersheypark and Holiday World

Nathan posted this picture on our Facebook Wall of a recent trip to Hersheypark.

After ten rides on the Great Bear, they were starting to hallucinate.

First, they thought they saw a giant Hershey's Kiss dancing towards them.  The Kiss demanded to take a picture with Nathan and his friend.

Then, they noticed a commotion coming from the portrait stand behind them.

Amazingly. Neil Patrick Harris was there in a full tuxedo and was having an artist draw his picture.

This photo was taken a few second later.

Months after that odd experience, Nathan and his wife were in line for The Voyage at Holiday World.  While standing by the plexiglas window that lets you see the trains rush by, they ran into a young Indiana farmer.  He bore a striking resemblance to the man in the tuxedo Nathan met months earlier.

If you want to participate in the fun, check out our blog post that explains everything you need to know about The Neil Patrick Harris Project and the "Day at the Park with Neil" contest!

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