Saturday, January 22, 2011

You just killed everyone's favorite ride!

When Busch Gardens Williamsburg announced that they would be removing The Big Bad Wolf after the 2009 season, it upset a lot of theme park fans.

It inspired many pilgrimages to Williamsburg from people all over the country.  They traveled thousands of miles so that could get in one last ride.

So, it's safe to say that the ride was a crowd favorite.

For this week's show, we have a question for you that puts a spin on the concept of a "popular ride."

Imagine that you had the power to remove a ride that you personally hate, but that the rest of the world generally loved.

What popular ride would you like to see removed from a park and why?

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BJ Wanlund said...

The ride I'd want to kill... has already been killed. Yeah, something along those lines. I would have wanted to kill (if it was still around in its current form) The Extra-TERROR-Estrial Alien Encounter. Yep, I never liked this one AT ALL, and I don't much care for the new incarnation of it either: Stitch's Great Escape!

So yeah, I'm boring. I would very much have wanted to kill Alien Encounter. (And I still want to kill Stitch's Great Escape!)


Anonymous said...

Epcot:Mission Space. I would like to see it removed and replaced with Horizons.

Unknown said...

I haven't ridden this coaster but
the coaster I would get rid off is Intimidator 305 or at least straighten the coaster out and have some more air time.

It is just one bank turn after another - boring!!

If I wanted to be thrown side to side till I almostgray out I will go on a fast flat ride.

Tom said...

I would rid Islands of Adventure of the space-killing Jurassic Park River Adventure. Those dinos, while cutting edge in 1999, look like Chuck-E-Cheese cast offs, and the "rafts" move about as fast as molasses, giving the whole ride a sense of urgency only seen in such high-energy rides such as "It's A Small World." And seriously, all of this for a Shoot-the-Chute without a splash at the end? (Oh, and don't forget a sad dino at the top). I still love the JP theme about ripping out the River Adventure and replacing it with a properly scary (and source appropriate) Jeep ride?

Anonymous said...

I disagree with Collins about "Snow White's Scary Adventures" being a ride that shouldn't be removed. I say get rid of it!

It's was probably good when it first opened, but now it's just a ride that scares kids needlessly.

I welcome to seven dwarfs mine train!

Anonymous said...

Taking out anything that is tries to be hip and rad about King's Dominion. Put back the singing mushrooms the giant butterflies and other old great theming. Take out Volcano coaster and bring back Scary log fume mountain with the smurfs train ride.

__UnderScore__ said...

The ride I would happily kill even if it technically isn't "everyone's favorite ride" is the feris wheel in Hershey Park only because it would be retribution for usurping the Giant Wheel.

Gone but not forgotten. : (

Anonymous said...

It's A Small World at Disneyland. It's too sugary sweet. With the world wide web, we're very much aware that the world is interconnected. We don't need this attraction's incessant drone by paper mache dolls.

Anonymous said...

Tear down The Simpsons ride and bring back a new Back to the Future ride. I alway's though The Simpsons ride was a cash ride. The Simpsons need another type of 3D attraction to fit the characters well.

Unknown said...

There is still a 'Back to the Future' ride at Universal Studios Japan.

I hope that I can visit Japan before they close ride.

I would love to see both Doc and Biff speak Japanese.

Anonymous said...

Tear down Twister: Ride it out attraction and gut out The Paramount theater from Mummy queue. Bring back a Ghostbusters and Star Trek: The adventure rides.

Bond_Fan said...

I would removed all the Cedar Fair motion theater rides like Sponge Bob and bring back the 007:License to Thrill ride. There hasn't been any James Bond attractions and it far better then some cartoons. Real action and thrills.

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