Sunday, January 09, 2011

Your favorite story from 2010

2010 was a pretty good year for theme parks.

We saw a lot of new rides, new themed areas and even some ground-breaking shows.

On our next episode of Coaster Radio, we'd like to hear from you!  What was your favorite theme park story from 2010?

Feel free to let us know right here on the blog by using the "Comments" link below.  You can also e-mail us by using the address over on the right!

The best way to get on our show is to call our voicemail line at 206-339-3360 and tell us your story!

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Dr. Sam said...

2010 was the best of times, and the worst of times. On the "worst of times" side, I was captivated by the stories of the torrential storms that submerged some theme parks. Remember the Georgia Cyclone at SFOG and the Boardwalk Bullet at Kemah being underwater? But on the "best of times" side, I was excited by the news of reinvention of some awesome coasters, including the new rolling stock on the Voyage and the rebirth of the Texas Giant. So overall the most shocking and most delightful news was that in the midst of all its downsizing Six Flags was willing to take some risks and inject some creativity into its parks.

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