Sunday, May 02, 2010

Your Favorite CR Moment?

It's hard to believe five years has passed since we got the weird and wonderful idea to create a radio show all about theme parks and thrill rides.

This image was the very first "cast picture" that we put on the Coaster Radio website back in 2005.

We admit that we can't really celebrate five-years of podcasting, since we signed-off for over two years.

BUT, we can celebrate the idea of the theme park podcast and celebrate how it has become a somewhat more accepted form of media in the theme park industry.

We are going to have a more formal celebration of the show in August. But, on our next show, we'd like to hear from you about what your favorite moment has been since we came on the scene half a decade ago.

Here are the different ways to get on the show!

* Post your idea on Twitter
* Post your idea on our Facebook Fan Page.
* Visit this topic in the Forums
* Call our voicemail line - 206-339-3360
* E-Mail Us (the address is to the right of this page)

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