Thursday, May 06, 2010 #435 - Theme Park Spice

The Original Theme Park Podcast returns with another all new episode!

When you're cooking the perfect stew, it's important to choose the perfect ingredients. If you don't choose wisely, you're stew is going to be too salty, too bland or worst of all... not tasty enough.

Picking the "ingredients" for a theme park can be just as difficult.

You need the perfect mix of rides to create a park that will be enjoyed by all.

On this week's show, Mike and EB each list off the five most important types of rides that a park must have to be successful.

The guys also have a mini-celebration of's 5th Anniversary by hearing what listeners believe is the best moment from the show.

EB goes Off-Topic to reveal his new "Bird Cam" and Mike dishes on what it was like to attend a Coaster Crew karaoke event.

The guys also hear a live trip report from Intimidation 305 and welcome back C-Pain who answers a very controversial question.

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