Saturday, May 29, 2010

The David Arquette Project - Summer 2010 Re-Launch!

Memorial Day Weekend is the unofficial start of summer for us here at

As part of the celebration, we are re-launching and putting new energy (and a great contest prize) behind "The David Arquette Project!"

Our goal is to make Mr. Arquette a fan of the podcast and convince him to record the show's opening introduction.

Why David Arquette?

Besides being a director, producer, screenwriter and the star of films like the Scream trilogy, Eight Legged Freaks and Never Been Kissed....

David Arquette is also a major fan of theme parks.

So, don't you think he'd also be a fan of the greatest theme park podcast ever?

Here's the idea...

We want you to click on the "Arquette Arithmetic" image at the top of this post and download the picture. Then, take a picture of you holding the sign at a theme park.

Take a picture with the sign in front of the Cinderella Castle at Walt Disney World. Take a picture with the sign in front of your favorite roller coaster. Take a picture with the sign while standing next to the characters at your local Six Flags park. Take a picture at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

We purposely made the sign small enough so that it can fit on a regular piece of paper. If you download the graphic and print it in "landscape" mode, it will fit. This way, you can stuff the sign in your pocket and take it with you when you're on vacation or at the park for the day.

But, we don't only want pictures at the park. We also want shots of you holding the sign in front of famous landmarks. Say you're visiting the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Print out the sign and take it with you!

As soon as you take the picture, send it to us by e-mail. Our address is over there on the left. You can also post it to the forums or on your twitter feed. As soon as we get it, we'll post it on the blog!

But here's the best part....

The person who sends in the most creative picture between now and Labor Day Weekend, will receive two Season Passes to the (non-Disney) theme park of your choice!

You get bonus points and our undying respect for creativity. So print out the picture and get out there!

Imagine... listeners from all over the world spreading the word about The David Arquette Project! This should be fun.

Visit the official David Arquette Project forum topic.


Anonymous said...

when do you announce who wins ?

Anonymous said...

did anybody win? where are the pics?

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