Monday, May 03, 2010

Some Inspiration from Taylor Swift

I was reading this story the other day about two college students from Auburn University.

They set out on a mission to receive a hug from pop superstar Taylor Swift.

They created YouTube videos, funny images and even created a website:

Now to me (an Alabama grad), it sounds like this was a far-fetched idea.

How on earth would these two dudes (from Auburn University of all places) get one of the most popular entertainers in the world to even say hello to them, let alone give them a hug!

Well, somehow they pulled it off!

She flew to Auburn University. She hugged the two guys. She even performed a special concert for the students.


Now, I have a question for the audience.

If these two guys can get one of the hottest acts in music to come to their school, put on a concert AND hug them....

Why can't we get get David Arquette to record the opening introduction to our podcast?!?!?

I think we can. We're going to relaunch our effort on Memorial Day weekend!


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