Wednesday, May 28, 2008

EB checks in from Indiana!

EB checking in on the blog!  The move was successful and we're all settling in here in Indiana.

So far, so good, and we really like it here.  Over the weekend we visited Brown County State Park, and more importantly, the Indianapolis Zoo.  

Why is the Zoo so special?  Because it has a roller coaster, of course!!

It's just a wee little kiddie coaster, but it still adds one to my coaster count, right?  And speaking of one coaster on your coaster count, young Mark rode, too - his very first coaster!

We just barely convinced the ride op that he was 38", so he got to ride Kombo, a kiddie coaster at the Indianapolis zoo!  It was awesome and he really loved it - I was so worried he'd be freaked out and scared, but he thought it was the best part of the zoo!  The op sent us around for three circuits, too - Mark yelled "Again Again" everytime we came around to the station. Yay!

Next up, the Howler at Holiday World!

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