Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Is it time for the CAVE?

A few years ago, I remember hearing about a new technology being developed at Virginia Tech called The CAVE.

You'll have to check out this video to get a good idea of what it is, but essentially it's a multi-person, room-sized, high-resolution, 3D video and audio environment.

When it was first unveiled, many people thought that it was a perfect fit for a theme park environment.  I even thought it could be the answer to the ultra-realism of The Amazing Adventures of Spiderman... if left in the right hands.

Imagine riding on a Disney EMV and heading into one of these CAVE rooms.  For the first time ever, the story would completely surround you with no screen seams or obvious sets.

It's been several years since the CAVE was announced... and technology has advanced a lot since then.

Maybe it's time to think about The CAVE once again?

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