Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Former CR.com Guest on Fox News Channel

During the first season of Coaster Radio.com, I received an e-mail from a hardworking father of two who had a dream of building his own theme park.

Of course, we all have had this dream before, but Bryan Temmer assured me that he was serious about taking his dream to the next level. He asked if we'd be willing to have him on the show.

All of the guys were very skeptical. EB even thought it was a prank from the original "CoasterBoy" who used to post a lot on CoasterBuzz and the RRC Newsgroup.

But for some reason, I was intrigued by the passion in Bryan's e-mails and decided that he would make a great guest on our podcast.

I was correct! For the first time anywhere, Bryan unveiled his plan to create an Alien Theme Park called the Alien Apex Resort. At the time, he had to be somewhat secretive.... but as time has gone on, he has appeared on several national television and radio programs to promote his vision.

Most recently, he appeared on Fox News Channel and matched wits with a fairly annoying host named Greg Gutfield.

Bryan gets off a few good one-liners, but really sticks it to the host when he gets asked about "anal probes." The video is worth a watch just to see Bryan knock this dude down to size!

Way to go Bryan! Don't give up on the dream! If this park gets built, you're friends from CR.com will be there!

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