Sunday, August 28, 2011

Your Thoughts on 2012?

For this week's show, we're looking for your thoughts on 2012.

In this case, we're not looking for your opinion about Mayan Prophecies, but instead, we want to know what you think about the recent attractions announcements parks have made for next year.

For instance we have...

Leviathan at Canada's Wonderland
Skyrush at Hersheypark
Mammoth at Holiday World
Verboten at Busch Gardens Williamsburg (not official)
Dinosaurs Alive at Cedar Point
Windseeker at Carowinds
Manta at Sea World San Diego
Cars Land at Disney California Adventure
Transformers Dark Ride at Universal Studios Hollywood
Dollywood's Mystery Announcement
Under the Sea: Journey of the Little Mermaid at Magic Kingdom

EB and I will be talking about all of these attractions on our next show and we invite you to be on the show with us!

Send us your answers by posting them right here on the blog by using the "Comments" link below.  You can also e-mail us your answer by using the address over on the right or use our Contact Page!

You can also call our voicemail line at 206-339-3360. Be a part of the show!


Michael from Arizona said...

The attractions of 2012 that I am excited for are Cars Land because I loved Cars and liked Cars 2 and always wanted to "race" on Test Track, Sky Rush because it looks like a smaller version of Intimidator 305 with the new staggered seating, Leviathan because it is the first ever B&M giga coaster so that will be a must ride, Mammoth looks interesting, Transformers should be good if it is not an hour long battle like in the last film, and if Verboten is just like Cheetah Hunt, it should be a good ride.

As for the attractions I am not looking forward to: Dinosaurs Alive because I like dinosaurs but Disney already has two rides with dinos in them and Manta because while it is great to see San Diego get a cool ride, it's the same as the Orlando ride.

Dan said...

Hi Mike and EB! I'm not familiar with all of these attractions, but I am excited about a good portion of them. Cars Land appears to be a rare case where Disney is really spending their money to deliver a brand new themed land. The Test Track-like ride looks intriguing, so I can't wait to get out there to see it. Under the Sea looks like a classic dark ride in the best possible way. It loses a bit of its steam because it's already in Disneyland, however.

I hated the Transformers films, but I think it might be a good set-up for a theme park attraction. I love Holiday World, and while I was disappointed not to see a new coaster, I'm guessing Mammoth will be state of the art. We'll be going back there next summer for sure. Finally, the Cedar Point Dinosaurs Alive upcharge sounds like a terrible idea, especially since it's similar to Kings Island.

Eric said...

The new attraction I am least looking forward to is Dinosaurs Alive at Cedar Point, which I think is possibly the worst decision that I have ever heard. Simply the attraction is disappointing, this is the second year that their addition is identical to an attraction at Kings Island. I think that additions need to be judged based on what they replace, and when you consider that, the addition becomes even worse. They are removing one of the best family friendly rides in the park, and one of the last remaining rides that still had charm, for an upcharge attraction that has been at local zoos for years, for less! The fact that they are installing yet another Windseeker shows me that Cedar Fair has absolutely no creativity left, and it appears as if they are trying to become more like the classic Six Flags, of installing identical rides at almost all of their parks. This makes me wonder if we will start to see the Dinosaurs at more of their parks as well in the future.

Not much next year has me excited, although both Skyrush and Leviathan sound like fun. Unfortunately, it looks doubtful like I'll ever be able to ride Leviathan. The new wing seating on Skyrush makes that sound like it could be the best new coaster next year by far, and possibly the best new attration period, although Six Flags Great America does appear to have some good plans in store to be announced on Sept. 1, so that could take the cake.

When it comes to thrill rides, especially in the midwest, next year is shaping up to be a very disappointing one, hopefully 2013 is better.

BGW_Fan said...

Whatever Busch Gardens Williamsburg new coaster for 2012 going to be, it better be awesome. To fill in the hole in our hearts where Big Bad Wolf once filled

C. Pred said...

Here in the Chicagoland area, we are losing Iron Wolf from Six Flags Great America and it is rumored that we will be getting a B&M Wingrider like the one going up next year in Thorpe Park (Swarm). Our last big coaster was in 2003 with Superman: Ultimate Flight so I am excited to be getting something new in my home park.

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