Thursday, August 11, 2011 #540 - Project XL - The World at 40

Disney park fans are some of the most passionate people around.

They know everything there is to know about Walt Disney World, Disneyland, Uncle Walt, Imagineering and pretty much anything else related to the Disney Company and their theme parks.

There's even a group of diehards who organize "unofficial" fan celebrations at the Disney Parks in Orlando and Anaheim.

October 1st, 2011 marks the 40th anniversary of the Walt Disney World Resort, and a group called WDWCelebrations will be hosting an unbelievable fan-organized event to complement the official activities offered by the Walt Disney Company.

This week, we're joined by Adam Roth, co-founder of WDWCelebrations, to talk about Project XL: The World at 40 which will take place September 29th - October 2nd.

He'll tell us about the history of their organization and what they have in store for their biggest fan celebration yet!  Plus, you can find out how to sign up for the fun!

We'll also have a Live Trip Report from Darien Lake, an update on EB's Chickens and much more!


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Anonymous said...

Great interview with Adam! This makes me want to book a flight down to Orlando and go to the event!

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