Thursday, August 18, 2011 #541 - "Pre-Game" Rituals

Some of the best moments for theme park fans are the weeks, days and hours leading up to an highly anticipated trip.

And each of us has unique things that we like to do to get in the proper mindset for a day of non-stop fun at the parks.

On this week's show, we talk about all of the different "rituals" that amusement fans take part in before reaching the park.

As always, the audience steps up big time to tell us about the specific things they do before their big trips.

For instance, one of our female listeners called in with a story about how she and her friends prepare for their yearly trip to Dorney Park.  Perhaps it looks like the attached photo?  Maybe not.


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Randy said...

My pre-game rituals are getting drinks packed for later (cans) in a cooler, bringing suntan lotion, fill up 2 big cups of liquid - either water / tea / or some Crystal Light drink for me (Trust me, this is what everyone should do. You could drink anything (You don't have to drink what I drink.), but you have to stay hydrated with liquid. People puke a lot because their body is getting weaker and weaker, and liquid is part of it!), getting mosquito repellant in the car, if I'm going to a waterpark - I pack the bag for the waterpark with trunks / shirt, bring extra socks in case the other ones get soaked, bring jacket in case it gets cold, and bring coupons when I go out to eat. I also worry about eating in the morning, and determine when I will leave the park later on to go out to eat. The waterpark at the amusement park though kind of interferes with the eating because the waterpark is open from 11 am usually till 7 pm, and thus that's right when I go eat (about 3 pm). So, if I'm going to stay later than 3 pm, that means I would eat a little bit more in morning to make sure I don't pass out or anything. I don't advise it, but I have done days when I didn't eat anything from 9 am till 7 pm.

I also now research about the gas how much it is to determine if I should get it near the amusement park, or get it some other day. For the park itself, I figure out where I'm going to start off at because that's the most important thing. At a park I never been to, I will write down a sheet of paper all the stuff I want to do, and carry that with me.

Also, if it's a park I've never been to, I try to figure out which line is it not worth going on towards the beginning of the day. Part of that has to do with capacity. If you have a really low capacity ride, that's usually the ride you would go to first at a park I haven't been to. Though, if I can't get the park near opening, that low capacity ride might not be worth it anymore because it's too crowded, and it's better to get higher capacity rides out of the way because you could get more done that way.

Brian said...

When I go to Universal's Islands of Adventure, I pop in a CD I have called the Islands of Adventure soundtrack sampler and I play the song called Islands of Adventure Main Theme as I'm getting off the exit from I-4. That way the song will play all the way to the parking ticket booths. For Sea World Orlando, I pop in the soundtrack CD from the Shamu show called Believe and I play the last song called Believe just as I turn onto International Blvd from the Beach Line/SR 528 toll road.

For my out of state park trips like my up coming visit to Cedar Point, I do try and plan ahead. I know I'm going to ride all the coasters and most of the flat rides while I'm there for those couple of days so I try and eat some of the foods and restaraunts the park is known for. I'm planning on having some of Cedar Points famous French Fries drenched in garlic sauce, eating a hot dog at the famous Pink's Dogs, eating at Coasters, and eating at the Red Garter Saloon (if it's still there).

Surya said...

Hey EB, don't mistake Belgian/Flemish folks (like me) for Dutch people. We speak the same language (sort of) but we're very different.

Oh, and the hat + glasses are recognizable for ride ops, and you often get small extras such as preferred seating when they're not granting that to other people :)

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