Thursday, August 25, 2011 #542 - The Tale of the Pink Monkey

We all have them.  And we've probably spent hundreds of dollars on them.

Yes my friends, I'm talking about Theme Park Souvenirs.

From on-ride photos to Disney Vinylmations to the dozens of park shirts you have in your drawers, the amusement industry makes a TON of money off of us and our need to commemorate our visits to their parks.

But some of the souvenirs we buy hold a special place in our hearts (and in our homes.)

On this week's show, we explore the best and the worst souvenirs owned by the audience.  Believe it our not, there are some heartwarming stories that come along with some of them!

We also hear all about EB's trip across America.  Not only did EB encounter the ghosts of lazy Civil War soldiers, he also had a chance to ride a major roller coaster with his son for the first time.

The guys also talk about how they saw "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part II" with the new D-Box Motion Technology that is making its way to movie theaters across the country.

Did EB and Mike enjoy having their theater seats move, sway and vibrate along with the action?

All of this, plus a Live Trip Report and MUCH, MUCH MORE!!!


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