Thursday, November 11, 2010 #505 - Uncle Walt Had the Right Idea!

The original theme park podcast is back with a brand new episode!

Back in 1954, Walt Disney had a weekly television show on the ABC Network where he unveiled his plans for Disneyland.

Not only did it help finance his park, but it also got people all over the country excited to make the trip to California to see it in person.

This week, EB and Mike talk about whether not it would be a good idea to bring this style of TV show back to television.

What would a show like this look like?  What parks could you broadcast from?  Would anyone watch?

The guys also take a look at a video showing what Six Flags New Orleans looks like five years after Hurricane Katrina.  They talk about what it would take to get them to set foot on the property and why we're fascinated by videos like this.

There's also news with The Neil Patrick Harris Project.  This week, it was announced that NPH is the new "Launch Voice" behind California Screamin' at Disneyland!  The guys also announce a holiday project where listeners can help get the attention of Mr. Harris.

Plus, you'll hear a live trip report from EPCOT's World Showcase and the story of Mike's failed attempt to get to Disneyland last weekend!

It's all on this week's new episode of!

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Gix aka Dennis said...

Nice show this week!

I know 2 tv's that do this in Europe.
One is a kids games show called: "De schatkamer" (the treasure chest) in the Efteling.
A quiz show shot in a small studio inside of the park (not visible for park visitors).
But they have to do tasks inside the park to get points.

The other tv show is in the summer season and shot in europapark (they ask for a extra ticket because its so popular)
Its a German music show called "Immer wieder sontag" (it's after a german song, whats also the intro music of it)
I don't like all the music they preform, but its nice. They shot some music clips inside the park.
And the studio is in a open air theater on the side of the park. Take a look at it in youtube. It gives a nice look of the park.

Big Al said...

TNA Wrestling is taped at Universal Studios florida and the taping is open to park guests.
While not my thing, I think Pro Wrestling is good match for an amusement park.

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised that the ABC Network doesn't use Disneyland and Disney World more often. Sure, there's the Merry Christmas Parade, but that's pretty much it.

What ever happened to "The Wonderful World of Disney" on Sunday nights?

drew said...

The cost of doing these sorts of productions was just deemed to be too much. Both the Disney-MGM Studios and Universal Studios Orlando were built around how this idea, and it has never played out. The production teams did not like being in an active park and they disliked the cost of getting to them even more.

hainzi2 said...

Also here in Europe they have stopped producing the German TV-Show called "Disney-Filmparade" with all things Disney. Also often tapped in the parks, with behind the scenes stuff. So sad it stopped! :( But there is a youtube-channel:

Ben said...

Here in Australia, Big Brother was taped in Dreamworld on the gold coast. While it was on you could walk up and watch the live stream. The eviction shows were not open to park guests and you had to buy a ticket extra. But once the season was over you could go in and walk through the house and see where the housemates lived. It was pretty cool. And sometimes during the show you could here in the background people screaming.

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