Monday, November 22, 2010

The NPH Project - Holiday Wishes!

You've probably heard by now that Neil Patrick Harris has made contact with the show by calling our voicemail line and leaving a message!

If you haven't heard about this, you need to listen to Show #506 immediately!

So, this means that there is hope that The Neil Patrick Harris Project could succeed and that NPH will one day agree to record the voiceover that starts each week's show.

However, EB and I feel that we need to keep putting effort into the project to prove that is worthy of Neil's attention.  We also want to prove that our show has the best listeners of any theme park podcast out there.

So, we've come up with a great project for the holidays that directly relies on YOU!

It's a proven fact that no one can resist a request from either a cute kid or a cute grandma.  So, EB and I want to combine videos from both kids and grandmas into a hilarious holiday video for NPH.

Here's what we need you to do!

1) We need you to grab your iPhone, Flip Camera or any other device that records video.

2) We then need you to find either a cuddly grandmother or a cute kid.

3) Then, videotape them pleading to NPH to be part of our show.  The video only needs to be 10-15 seconds, because we're going to cut your video together with all of the other videos we receive.

4) Finally, upload the video to a site like YouTube or Vimeo.  You can also send it to us at the e-mail address on the right.

As it gets closer to Christmas Day, we'll edit all of your submissions together and then present it to Neil as a present from our listeners.

The coolest part about this is that he's 100% guaranteed to see it!

Thanksgiving comes up this week, so it's a great chance for you to grab a cute kid or grandma in your family and have them be part of The Neil Patrick Harris Project!

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