Thursday, November 04, 2010 #504 - They Can't All Be Like Clark Grizwold

"I gotta be crazy!
I'm on a pilgrimage to see a moose!"
Clark W. Grizwold was the ultimate parent.

All he cared about was giving his family the best vacation ever.

He would do ANYTHING to make his family happy, even if it meant kidnapping John Candy and making him ride the "Screamie Meemie" against his will.

Of course, the antics in the movie "Vacation" are overblown.  But the stories we have for you this week are 100% authentic!

This week, EB and Mike will share listener stories about the horrible parenting they have seen at the parks.

You'll be absolutely shocked at what some of the listeners have seen.  Thankfully, much of it is also pretty funny.

The guys will also crown a winner in the "Arquette Arithmetic" contest.  Find out who will win two season passes to the (non-Disney) theme park of their choice!

Plus, there's more info on "The Neil Patrick Harris Project!"  The guys will present proof of NPH's love of theme parks and talk about future plans to get his attention.

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