Sunday, November 22, 2009

What Theme Park Treasures Do You Own?

On this week's show, we asked you what unique amusement and theme park items you own (or would like to own).

For instance, do you own a piece of a roller coaster or maybe even a roller coaster train?

Do you own an attraction sign or other artwork from the park?

Maybe you own a piece of history from the Walt Disney Parks? You might even own a piece of memorbilia from the man himself! (In 2007, they held an auction for Walt Disney's actual passport).

On our next show, we want to talk about the neatest, craziest and most interesting things you own from the parks.

What do you have? How did you get it? Where do you display it in your house?

Or, if you don't happen to own a piece of the parks yet, what would you like to buy one day?

To get your thoughts on the show, here are the different ways:

* Post your idea on Twitter
* Post your idea on our Facebook Fan Page.
* Visit this topic in the Fourms
* Call our voicemail line - 206-339-3360
* E-Mail Us (the address is to the right of this page)

We'll talk about all of your answers in our next show!

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