Saturday, November 21, 2009

Holiday Gift Guide - The Secrets of Amusement Park Games Revealed!

If you're like me, no trip to the amusement park is complete without spending a few bucks on the midway games.

I'm always partial to Whack-A-Mole or even the Flying Frog game. But there are a ton of other games that seem to be popular too.

The thing is, the games are designed so that they are almost impossible to win.

Although it might look easy to throw a ring around a milk can... odds are, it's just going to bounce off.

It's been set up that way.

Just like in Las Vegas, you're at a disadvantage before you even step up to play.

But now, a man has come forward with a way to even the playing field.

In The Secrets of Amusement Park Games Revealed, Brian Richardson (an expert on amusement park, fair, and carnival games) sets out to make YOU into the master of the midway!

He provides trips and tricks to help you win everytime. He also gives helpful advice on which games are impossible to win and should be skipped altogether.

Included are chapters on: Milkcan Softball Toss, Golfball Roll Race Game, BB Gun Red Star Shootout, Curly Bar Ring Guide (Wacky Wire) and many more!

A book like this makes for great reading during the winter months. That way, when summer rolls around, you'll be ready to fill your home with gigantic stuffed gorillas and Spongebob Squarepant dolls.

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