Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The David Arquette Project Thanksgiving Special

When we started the new version of CoasterRadio.com a few months ago, our goal was to kick things off with something special.

We decided that we would go on a non-stop quest to have a celebrity become the recorded announcer for the beginning of our show.

The one caveat was that the celebrity had to be a hardcore fan of theme parks.

So, we set our sights on film and television star David Arquette.

Our first step was asking loyal listeners to visit parks and take a picture holding the "Arquette Arithmetic" graphic.

So far, dozens of listeners have done it and the number is growing every week.

But now that the parks are closed, we're asking you guys to step up once again.

This Thursday night, while you're celebrating Thanksgiving with your family, we'd like you to invite David Arquette to dinner as well. (Well, not the actor, but the graphic.)

We'd like you to print out this graphic and take a picture of your Grandma holding it at the Thanksgiving dinner table. It doesn't just have to be your Grandma either. Gather the whole family around and have them take part in our project!

After you do that, send it to us at the e-mail address on the right and we'll Tweet it in real-time to the entire CoasterRadio.com audience. We'll also post it on the blog later on as a tribute to your involvement in The David Arquette Project!

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