Thursday, October 15, 2009

Goodbye Mr. Six, Hello Balloon Boy

Last year, I wrote a blog article about celebrities that would be good spokespeople for the different theme parks.

Tonight I think we saw the birth of a media celebrity who could take over for Mr. Six.

I think Six Flags needs to sign "Balloon Boy" to an endorsement contact ASAP. He'd be a excellent pitchman.

I saw this kid on CNN and he's brilliant! I especially like where he admits that his family "did this for the show." NICE! (The parents' reaction is friggin' priceless.)

Six Flags should consider it!

They could have a children's play area called "Balloon Boy's Bounce House."

Or how about "Balloon Boy's Bumper Cars?"

How about a roller coaster called "The Balloon Boy Bobsleds?"

If Six Flags wants to pass, perhaps Disney can put his face on the "Character's in Flight" hot air balloon at Downtown Disney! They could just re-theme it to a cheesy mylar UFO balloon and they're in business!

Or perhaps we could forget about The David Arquette Project and focus on getting Balloon Boy on the show.

His dad would probably like the publicity.

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