Wednesday, October 21, 2009 #409

We're just a about a week away from Halloween!

EB and Mike talk about your ideas for theme park attractions that could easily be given a "Halloween Makeover".

Since we're on the topic of Halloween themed rides, a Coaster Radio listener calls in with an in-depth review of Space Mountain: Ghost Galaxy at Disneyland.

The guys also talk about how Cedar Point's Demon Drop is headed to Knott's Berry Farm in California. Can a ride from the 1980's be a hit? Or will Knott's need to have a few tricks up their sleeves to make it all work. EB and Mike have some ideas for them.

Plus, there's word out of Florida that a costumed family was denied entry to Busch Gardens Tampa. Was it fair? Or was the park going to far?

The guys also go "Off Topic" to discuss Ghost Hunting and the saga of the "Balloon Boy."

Plus, there are several off-track tangents about Fonzie, the movie Scream and of course... The David Arquette Project!

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