Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Paris Hilton says Magic Mountain is HOT!

Today I saw the ad we all knew was coming.

Eli Manning was on the field after winning Superbowl 42 (I refuse to say XVII), and when asked what he was going to do next, he said he was "Going to Disneyworld!" I'm guessing if you live on the west coast, Eli conveniently says that he's "Going to Disneyland!" Those Disney guys are amazing.

Anyway, the commercial got me thinking. If Disney can get a popular star to help promote their parks, why can't the regional parks?

I think it's time Six Flags, Cedar Fair or Busch Gardens pull out their checkbook and hire a vapid celebrity to be their official spokesperson.

Paris Hilton lives out in Los Angeles! I bet she's at least driven past Six Flags Magic Mountain once or twice. They should scoop her up, pay her some bucks and create some commercials.

They could take a cue from her home video and shoot the commercial in "night-vision!"

I know... I know... Paris Hilton is old news. But I used her for a reason. I didn't want to take away a good idea from you!

On our latest podcast, we hinted that this new blog would be interactive. Today, I'm proud to announce our first interactive posting.

We want you guys to take your favorite park and match it with a celebrity spokesperson. Which celebrity would deliver the best pitch for your park? What would the tag line be? If you want, you can even PhotoShop an image and post it in the forums.

We'll post some of the best answers here next week!

Good luck! Join our discussion on this topic in our forums.

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