Monday, February 11, 2008

Idol-Mania comes to Disney World

Since we're more of a commentary blog and less of a news blog, I waited a few days to gather my thoughts on the new "American Idol" attraction coming to Disney's Hollywood Studios later this year.

The story has already hit the mainstream press, so you know there is gonna be a lot of buzz about this one.

I should start off by saying that I'm not a fan of American Idol. I hate the fact that horrible singers, clueless to the fact that they can't sing, are paraded in front of the world to be ridiculed. With the exception of William Hung, who at least stretched his humiliation into 15-minutes of fame, I don't see anything good that comes from it. Sure, it can be funny sometimes, but a lot of times it is just sad.

But I'm clearly in the minority. That damn show is #1 anytime it is on and it blows away the competition. So I suppose it makes perfect sense to turn it into a theme park attraction. I guess the only question is why it wasn't done sooner.

This sounds to me like a theme park attraction that is essentially a karaoke bar... without the soothing effects of alcohol. Anyone who has even been to a K-Bar will tell you that after 15-minutes of hearing some soccer mom from Trenton sing "Love Shack", you'll need hard

When I see a show at a park, I want to be entertained by professionals, not some dude who was standing next to me in line for Tower of Terror three hours before. But I realize I could be totally wrong about this one. I just wonder if it will have more staying power than "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire: Play it!"

At least they're designing an attraction for Disney's Hollywood Studios that actually simulates a Hollywood experience. Which reminds me, I really miss the old "Superstar Television" that used to be in the same theater.

There is already talk in the Forum about this idea. Head there to join in the conversation!

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