Friday, July 13, 2012 #640 - Denise, Stacey and the Orange Shirt Girl

A favorite spot for a solo traveler.
Last summer, we sponsored a contest here at where we would give the lucky winner a chance to produce an entire episode of the show.

We were so excited about everyone's ideas... we chose four winners!

Back in February, Tom from Louisville did a great job producing his episode... "The Live Trip Report Show."

This week, the second of those winners is stepping up to the plate to see if she has what it takes to live up to the pressure of producing a crazy podcast like this.

Stacey and Walt
This week, Mike and EB are joined by Denise from Virginia along with Stacey from Michigan.  The two will give the female perspective on going to Walt Disney World alone.

The girls will talk about everything from dining and riding alone to possibly getting hit on by the International Cast Members at EPCOT.

They'll also talk about some of the hidden gems in the Disney Parks that you can usually only find if you are there alone.

We also have a Live Trip Report from Kings Dominion and Intimidator 305, an update on The Olympics AND we have the World Premiere of C-Pain's Summertime Hit for 2012 - Orange Shirt Girl!


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Denise said...

As I was listening to the podcast, it occurred to me that some people might not know what the Animation Academy is. We were talking about it on last week's show and I thought people might want to know what it actually is. Not only is it a great thing to do when you are a solo traveler, but I think that whole families and groups would enjoy it. It's great for any age. So here's what it is. It is a little hidden gem in Disney's Hollywood Studios. It is located in Animation Courtyard. You get there through the Magic of Disney Animation attraction. but can also bypass the attraction and enter through the exit to just go to the Animation Academy.

Once inside. you sit at a drawing desk. You are given a sheet of paper and a pencil with No eraser. There is an instructor who guides you through step by step instructions on how to draw a Disney character. And you actually do all the drawing. It is an amazing and fun journey and the end result is your very own drawing that you get to take home.

Be forewarned. You will have to carry your 11x17 -ish sized paper around with you the rest of the day and they do not give you anything to put it in like a bag or a tube, which would be nice. If you have a locker or a car, then go and put it away so it doesn't get messed up and you will have a nice souvenir of your trip. I did it 5 different times and had various instructors and drew 5 different characters. There was never a repeat. Although if you do it often enough, you will get a repeat character!

This is not to be confused with the main attraction which is:
The Magic of Disney Animation is an informative 20-minute show at Disney's Hollywood Studios theme park where Guests of all ages are invited to discover the process of creating animated characters.

Go behind the scenes of animated Disney classics like Aladdin, Beauty and the Beastand The Lion King for a look at how Disney animators create your favorite characters. Join Mushu from Mulan and a real Disney animator as together they illustrate—in a humorous and an easy-to-understand way—the basics of creating animated characters and character development.

After the show, embark on a guided walk to a special landing and snap a picture of the former studios of Walt Disney Feature Animation Florida. After a brief discussion about animation with your guide, take some time to join in a number of different workshops that bring the magic of Disney animation to life.

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