Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Twitter Picture Challenge from Walt Disney World!

On Wednesday, Molly and I are heading down to Walt Disney World for some rest and relaxation.

One of the fun things I like doing is tweeting pictures, video and audio from all of the parks.

On our past few visits, we've even played a bit of a game with all of our Twitter followers.

We ask anyone following us at @CoasterRadio to challenge us to shoot a picture of something park-related that isn't totally easy to get.

For instance, when I was at Disneyland last March... @YoPaulieNJ tweeted and asked me to shoot a picture of a Monorail gliding over a Finding Nemo Sub.

It couldn't be just a picture of the monorail or just a picture of the sub... it has to be of BOTH!

It would be fun to do the same thing this time around.  So, follow us at @CoasterRadio or @MrsCoasterRadio and we'll do our best to capture the pictures you request!

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