Thursday, June 28, 2012 #637 - The 2012 Sparktacular Exploosioloosa! (Video)

We have a lot of traditions here at But one of our favorites happens every year at this time.

Back in 2005, we shot off Fireworks during the show to celebrate America's Independance Day. Flava got the microphone as close to the sparks and flames as he could... and a tradition was born.

Every year since, we have marked America's Birthday with this colorful (and very loud) tradition.

A few years ago, we gave the celebration a name... The Sparktacular Exploosioloosa!"

And this year, we have produced a video podcast so you can see and hear the action!

Plus, we have Fireworks footage from Illuminations at EPCOT and Fantasmic at Disney's Hollywood Studios!

It's shaping up to be the greatest "Sparktacular Exploosioloosa' ever!

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