Thursday, June 14, 2012 #635 - Cars Land Review and Insider Park Tips!

On the week's show, we have one of the first on-site reviews of the new CARS LAND at Disney California Adventure.

You'll hear about the rich detail of the new land as well as reviews of all three attractions!

And then we have a question for you.

If you took everyone who listened to the Coaster Radio podcast and put them in a giant room... what would you get?

EB might have a snarky comment here... but what you'd have is a huge collection of knowledge about theme parks all across the world.

I'd bet each of those people would have specific knowledge about certain parks they call home.

On this week's episode, we ask the audience to share their best tips for having a great time at their home park.

What rides should you visit first?  Which attractions should you skip?  What food is "must-eat?" What show is "must-see?"

It's also fascinating to listen to all of these tips and realize how many of them apply to parks everywhere.

We also take a look at the story of a teenager who dressed up as a famous Disney fairy while visiting  Animal Kingdom at Walt Disney World.  She was asked to change out of her costume because she looked too similar to the "real" thing.

Who's right in this situation?  Who's wrong? Did the media blow this way out of proportion for ratings?  We'll get to the bottom of it all.

PLUS, we have a Live Trip Report from Coney Island and more summertime news!


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Anonymous said...

Anyone have any tips for Six Flags St. Louis? Ill be going there for the first time in a few weeks on a Saturday. Thanks.

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