Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Interactive Poll - Most Anticipated New Attraction of 2012?

On our upcoming show, we'll be talking about the hotly anticipated attractions that will be opening at parks across the country in 2012.

What new ride do you think will stand out above all the others when the Summer of 2012 is in the history books?

Will it be a roller coaster?  Will it be a water ride?  Will it be a record breaker?

Let us know your thoughts by taking part in the poll below!

You can also leave a comment and we might read it on the show.


Michael said...

It was a close tie between Radiator Springs Racers and Verbolten for me, but I had to go with RSR for 2 reasons:

1. The theming on RSR is incredible. I've never seen such gorgeous fake rocks in my life.

2. California Adventure desperately needs a ride like this, an E-Ticket attraction with "Disney Magic".

Dennis said...

Hey Mike & EB, why no european coasters ?

For me it's more like Wodan in europapark or Osirus in Parc Astrix.

Have done Wodan, its oke but a little bit to slow for a GCI coaster. Need to plan my trip to Paris for this. It's just a 5 hour drive from Holland.

Greetings, Dennis

YoPaulieNJ said...

I am AMAZED that SkyScreamer at Six Flags Great Adventure didn't make the list! #Sarcasm LOL

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