Thursday, May 31, 2012 #633 - Strikes Back!

This week's episode is sort-of a sequel to last week's show.

And, in the tradition of Star Wars, we've given this episode a very special title.

Last week, we got into a big discussion about the relationship between George Lucas and the Walt Disney Company.

We wondered why Disney hasn't done whatever it needs to get Mr. Lucas to agree to building a gigantic (Potter-defeating) land or park based on the Star Wars empire.

On this week's show, we asked the audience to step up to the microphone and tell us what attractions they would like to see in a Disnet-built Star Wars Park.

We received a lot of good answers, but any one that mentions the awesomeness that is Billy Dee Williams gets my vote.

We also have a rather vocal debate with the audience about the pros and cons on on-board audio on roller coasters.  Mike and EB have very entrenched feelings about the subject, but will the CoasterBoys be able to change their minds?

We'll also hear about Mike's trip to Pennsylvania and his visit to Knoebels! Did the new "Black Diamond"dark ride-coaster hybrid live up to the hype (and history?)

Plus, we have a Live Trip Report from Hershey Park and their new rollercoaster "Skyrush" and several surprise visits!

It's all this week on the Original Theme Park Podcast!


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Disney_fan said...

Holy wow! You guy's must be in tune with the zeitgeist of the monument. Not long after your Star Wars George Lucas podcasts news came that Lucas is stepping away from Lucasarts. Putting long time Steven Spielberg partner and major producer Kathleen Kennedy. Could this mean we get all those Star Wars movies and maybe theme park land you guy's are talking about. Way to siege the monument.

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