Thursday, May 03, 2012 #629 - To The Extreme!

People who like theme parks and thrill rides are often called "extreme."

I guess people who travel hundreds of miles to ride the latest and greatest roller coasters tend to take a few more risks and try experiences that the average person might never try.

However, there are some attractions out there that even test the courage of the bravest park fans.

Heck, they even test the courage of the bravest podcast hosts!

On this week's show, Mike and EB talk about what the listeners say are the most extreme rides on earth.  To make things easier, they break up the conversation into three sections - extreme roller coasters, extreme water slides and extreme flat rides.

Your stomach will turn just hearing about some of these crazy experiences.

We also have some updates on the various contests, the results of our interactive poll and details about a fun, new project we've devised for this summer!

It's all on this new episode of The Original Theme Park Podcast!


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Joshua Schardt said...

You guys do the best theme park and rollercoaster podcast in the country and I like it. Keep up the good work.

CM Venom said...

I share your "selective" fear of heights, I prefer to rationalize it thustly:

Anywhere and any height where a misstep or action on my part could lead to a plummeting death = fear. And so, perfectly calm on Millenium Force and an airplane, ready to crap self on a ladder to clean out the gutters or on SFStL's Colossus.

But still, fuck Windseeker.

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