Wednesday, May 04, 2011 #528 - A Fresh Start

There's a great reason for this picture!
We usually try to pick show titles that are both creative and ones that give you a hint at what's to come.

That's why I think "A Fresh Start" works well this week.

To begin, we wrap up Theme Park Change with some important words about last week's show

There is a lot to say and a lot to be thankful for, so we hope that you'll all take the time to listen to the first part of our podcast.

We also have a final tally on our fundraising for Theme Park Change and celebrate by inviting two old friends back to Coaster Radio!

This week's show also lives up to its title because we'll hear your favorite stories from Opening Day at the parks.

It's one of the best days of the theme park year because the parks are clean, the paint is fresh and the rides are running like new!

Mike and EB will tell you their own unique "opening day" tales while also hearing from the listeners about their unique experiences from their home park's first day of operation.

Plus, we'll have a Live Trip Report from Texas and a few other surprises! 

Or you can listen online by using the podcast player on the right hand side of this page. 

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Anonymous said...

I knew you guys wouldn't go through with it!

I don't think you were faking us out last week, but I knew you'd keep the show available for everyone.

By the way, you have my respect for apologizing. You didn't need to apologize, but it showed that you are both truly good guys.

Congrats on the big number for Theme Park Change!

Michael Lichand said...

What do I think about working at Disney and Brazil on EPCOT?

1. I'll be able to go on the Disney College Program in 3 years. Can't wait for it!

2. Disney got it wrong. They shouldn't buy Brazil in a park, but build a PARK in Brazil.

Jumboshrmp said...

Awesome show! I'm so happy to hear that Theme Park Change was a success!

Love the idea for the Back to the Future episodes...this should be fun!

Anonymous said...

The best news we wanted to hear. Everybody came though in the end.
Next time try not to make it harder on us.

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