Thursday, May 12, 2011 #529 - Time Machine Show - Part 1

A few weeks ago, we celebrated the 6th Anniversary of this crazy podcast.

EB and I got a little nostalgic for the old days.  So, after a movie marathon where we watched Back to the Future Parts I, II and III while drinking nothing but Diet Mountain Dew, we had an inspiration!

We decided to build our own time machine and go back to listen to a show featuring a past version of ourselves!

This week, EB and I head back to September 26, 2005 to hear a show featuring Flava and Greg K.  The topic that week, was "Dating at the Theme Park."

We'll listen to our 2005 commentary on the topic, talk a bit about our past thoughts and then go "Back to the Future" so we can give you our 2011 take on things.

Let's just all be careful we don't cause a temporal paradox, OK?

We also hear about EB's Opening Day trip to Holiday World and listen to a Live Trip Report from the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk! 

Or you can listen online by using the podcast player on the right hand side of this page. 

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Anonymous said...

As a huge Back to the Future fan, this was easily one of my favorite episodes ever.

I must have listened to the time travel part 25 times. Amazing!

Anonymous said...

This episode shows why Coaster radio is the best theme park podcast out there. Some of the other ones are OK, But none of the others think to have a time travel show!

When EB screamed IT'S THE LIBYANS I almost drove off the road!

ImpliedOralConsent said...

Gotta love EB's alternative tagline for "Roller Coaster Enthusiast Comedy Podcast"

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