Thursday, October 14, 2010 #501 - The House at Haunted Hill

"The House at Haunted Hill" is one of the best
home haunts anywhere!
Season 5 of Coaster is here!

AND... It's EB and Mike's favorite time of year, Halloween!

This week, the guys interview Matt Ford.  he's the creative genius behind "The House at Haunted Hill," an amazing Halloween show in Southern California.

The great thing about the show is that it's not located at a theme park or at some commercial venue.  Matt, along with his family and friends, have created this amazing experience at his home!

You'll hear the details behind this innovative home haunt and how it was inspired by Disneyland's Haunted Mansion.  You'll also hear how some Disney theme park voice talent came on board to make "The House at Haunted Hill" even more special.

EB and Mike also will fill you in on some changes to both the podcast and the website for Season 5.  There's also big news about "The David Arquette Project" and our "Arquette Arithmetic" contest!

Plus, EB will fill you in on the behind the scenes story about how his son Mark won Holiday World's "#1 Fan Contest!"

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Anonymous said...

The only reason I'll miss the New Forum Forums, is because it might mean no more Rick Moranis impressions. If you guys promise to keep those in the show, I'll keep making comments here!

Surya said...

I might be horribly overlooking the link, but where do I download the podcast (I don't have iTunes and don't want it)

Mike Collins said...

With the new season kicking off, I forgot to add the download links! There here now. You can click on the direct download link or listen to the show in the flash player on the main page.

Surya said...

Excellent, thanks!

Anonymous said...

Tom in Las Vegas
OK - no New Forum Forums - thats ok, but believe it or not, I am that 10% of the internet community that does not have a Twitter account, MySpace account, or a Facebook account. Most often I read and post in forums for the few interest I follow (like Coasterradio).

I am excited to hear Flava next week, and am totally onboard with a switch from Arquette to Neil Patrick Harris! NPH!!!!

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