Sunday, October 10, 2010

EB is a guest on The Season Pass Podcast!

There are certain things you can bank on in this life... death, taxes and people's love of EB.

Flava used to say that the rest of the Coaster Radio cast could stay home, but as long as EB was on the show, it would survive.

So, that's why it's interesting to note that EB has never been a guest on someone else's podcast.

Until now.

This week, EB is a guest on The Season Pass Podcast's ERT with Nick Hutson.

You can listen here!

EB and Nick have a conversation about theme park queues, online theme park marketing, Halloween Haunted houses, musicals, and EB's thoughts on the future of television.  EB also tells the behind the scenes story about how his son Mark won Holiday World's #1 Fan Contest!

And somehow, Hagrid makes an appearance!  (I thought he was under exclusive contract to our show!  We'll get the Lift Hill Media lawyers on it.)

We didn't get to do a show this week because of technical programs, so this is a wonderful substitute!

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