Monday, March 15, 2010

Stacey's Rainy Day Ideas

Imagine walking around your favorite theme park, enjoying the perfect sunny day, when all of a sudden the clouds roll in and the sky quickly becomes what can only be described as a total crapstorm.

Rain could easily ruin your fun-filled day... if you let it.

If you're at a Disney theme park it's obviously much easier to find shelter in an indoor attraction. At a primarily outdoor theme park though, you might be required to find your own fun. There's no need to leave the park and let a little rain spoil your day.

First off, come prepared!

If the weather forecast looks unpredictible then make sure you're dressed properly. Wear clothes that can dry easily and breathes well. Make sure to store ponchos or jackets in the car in case you need them. Crocs might just be ideal footwear over tennis shoes because they will dry quickly.

When the rain starts pouring try and stick it out and just enjoy your time!

If coasters are still running just take a pair of shades with you to prevent rain smacking into your eyes. The best part of a downpour in the middle of the day is watching a good amount of people leave the park and therefore, leaving you with shorter wait times. Go on the "little" attractions that you might otherwise bypass. You may discover an unknown love for the bumper cars.

Your company could quite possibly be your best and only entertainment in the event of numerous attractions being shut down. Drag your friends and family to the arcade. Give everyone five or ten bucks to snag a ton of tokens and have at it! Make it a competition even. See who can win the most tickets. Join your tickets together in the end and get something that the whole family can enjoy.

If you really don't mind walking around wet then take full advantage of it. Go on water rides over and over again. I've personally done this at Cedar Point and had a blast! Sure, it was barely 65 degrees and I got a cold a few days later but it was so worth it.

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