Friday, March 05, 2010

Going To The Park On A First Date?

Editor's Note: We're really excited to welcome Stacey Lantz to the Coaster Radio team! Stacey is going to be contributing to the blog and the show and will provide a different take on things than EB and I usually give you. This is her first blog post! So make her feel welcome!

A few weeks ago, EB and Mike talked about taking a first date to a theme park. They were wondering if it would be a good idea.

It's time for a girls take on the idea.....

I think it actually has GREAT potential to be a great date! There are some requirements though before you approach the idea full force.

1. You need to actually know who your date is. It's not an appropriate date for someone you were introduced to once briefly and beyond their name you know nothing else about them. You'd be setting yourself up for a lot of awkward situations.

2. Make sure your date actually likes roller coasters. Otherwise you may end up riding the Scrambler fifteen times.

3. Keep your conversation skills up. If you know you're a shy person with very little to talk about, it's probably not the best choice for a first date. There is going to be a lot of down time where you're going to be forced to stand next to each other. You don't want to stand in silence.

I think girls (at least me) really like having fun. We want to be entertained.

It doesn't have to be expensive! A lot of parks have the "late admission" option for a significant amount less than standard admission prices. Don't feel pressured to take her out to dinner at a restaurant. But, if you chose to, some theme parks have actual restaurants or theater shows that you can grab more than just popcorn and corn dogs.

To me the point of a date is to get to know someone. I don't get to know anything about someone sitting next to them at a movie chomping on popcorn. That's more of a third or fourth date thing to me.

Just my girly two cents!! What do you guys think?

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