Sunday, March 28, 2010

Home Park Advice

Everyone is an expert on something.

We're guessing that you're an expert on the theme park that's closest to you.

You probably know all of the ins and outs and trips and tricks that would make the day great for a first time visitor.

You probably know about how to beat the lines, certain food to try, certain games to play and which shows are worth our time.

Why keep that valuable information to yourself?

On this week's show, we're going to talk about your home park advice for fans who have never been there before.

It's your time to show off all of the park-related knowledge you've accumulated from the hours and hours you've spent at your favorite park.

Here are the different ways to get on the show!

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* Post your idea on our Facebook Fan Page.
* Visit this topic in the Forums
* Call our voicemail line - 206-339-3360
* E-Mail Us (the address is to the right of this page)

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