Monday, April 06, 2009

Trip Report - Kings Dominion

Now that the cold, dark winter is thankfully behind us, it's time to head out to our local parks.

I love this time of year because you can hit the parks before the summer time crowds and the summertime temperatures arrive.

Yesterday, I went to Kings Dominion on their second day of operation. The park was clean, the employees were friendly and the rides were running smoothly.

There were a few opening weekend hiccups. I had to wait through breakdowns of Hurler, Backlot Stunt Coaster and the new (to me) El Dorado. They were also only running one side and one train of Rebel Yell, so the line backed up more then necessary. But overall, I had a great day.

I won't go into more details because I blogged and Twittered live from the park. So you can read my "live trip report" there.

Even though there are other parks that I enjoy more, I will always love Kings Dominion. It's the park that I have been visiting since I was five years old, so I have basically grown up there.

I went there in grade school with my family and on field trips in middle school. I took my future wife on a date there when we were in high school! Now that I'm an adult, I see it differently. But I can always look at it like I'm still a kid.

Hopefully you have a similar relationship with your home park.

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