Sunday, April 26, 2009

An idea for Las Vegas

You might have noticed that there haven't been many updates to the CR Blog lately.

It's because I've spent the last few weeks walking through airports and living out of a suitcase for my "real-life" job.

I did get to spend a week in fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada and had a blast. It might surprise you to learn that I didn't ride one roller coaster or thrill ride while I was out there.

I've ridden them all before and frankly, none of the rides out there (with the exception of X-Scream at the Stratosphere) are really that memorable.

I had better roller coaster rides hitting the blackjack tables at the Mirage and Treasure Island. (I left Vegas up $275 by the way.)

But while I was out there, I had a chance to really observe the city and the people who visit it. I came to one very distinct conclusion....

There are a lot of CRAZY people out there.

Everywhere I looked, I saw people ready to take a chance on something. People were dropping their inhibitions left and right. It seemed like you could convince anybody to do anything, only because they were in Vegas.

This makes me think that the city of Las Vegas is ready for the next totally insane thrill ride.

I'm talking about a ride that blows away all concepts of reality and traditional safety devices. I'm talking about the type of ride that would truly challenge a person. I'm talking about a ride that would be a worldwide spectacle.

Now I don't know exactly what this ride would look like. In the past, we've heard about crazy ideas coming out of the Stratosphere such as a fish-hook coaster or a ride which would let you literally freefall from the top of the tower.

But I wonder if there are plans sitting in some Las Vegas boardroom for an absolutely insane thrill ride that will give the craps and roulette tables a run for their money.

I bet you guys have some ideas of what might work.

Let's talk about it in the Forums.

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