Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Theme Park Rewards Program

I was going through my wallet today and realized that I have a lot of cards.

I've got credit cards, debit cards, a drivers license and my work ID. But I also realized that I have a lot of cards that confirm my enrollment in "Rewards Programs".

I have cards that offer me perks at clothing stores, casinos, hotels, grocery stores, airlines, movie theaters, car rental agencies and restaurants. I pretty much have a card that offers me points or credits for anyplace I spend money.

For the most part, these "rewards" programs help keep me loyal to certain brands and companies.

I have a lot of Frequent Flyer miles with United Airlines. So when I'm booking a flight, I usually check their fares and schedules first. I have a lot of "Players Club" points at the MGM-Mirage casinos. So when I'm in Las Vegas, I spend most of my bankroll in those properties. Today, I bought a brand new suit at a men's clothing store and was told that for every dollar I spend, I get one point towards additional savings. Guess where I'll go for my next suit?

Obviously, programs like these work. They make the customer feel appreciated and develop brand loyalty. So, would it work for a company like Six Flags or Cedar Fair to come up with a "Rewards Program" for theme park guests?

Maybe you get a certain number of points per dollar spent on food, games and merchandise. Perhaps those points can be traded in for front of the line access, comped meals or preferred parking. Maybe people who earn a lot of points could qualify for behind-the-scenes tours or other special access events.

The possibilities are endless! But will the parks ever do it?

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