Wednesday, April 16, 2008

EB Is Moving On

A message from EB:

Ho, ho, ho! Like that guy we met at Holiday World, I'm moving to Indiana!

Indeed, it's true. I'm tired of the sprawling suburbs and I am packing up my wife and two boys for easy-going country living. The housing costs here in Northern Virginia are insane, so with this move we'll be trading in our little townhouse for a single family home and an acre of land. And my commute will go from 45 minutes in the nation's 2nd worst traffic to 10 minutes and a couple of stoplights.

And yes, we really will be near Holiday World. That will basically be my new home park, only about two hours away (much like good ol' King's Dominion is from where we live now). Can't wait to get down there and ride those woodies – I think we'll be making it a required destination for anyone who come out to visit (this not an open invite – I'm talking about people I actually know, not you).

But never fear, Collins still has plans to finish out the three promised shows, and I will be a part of them, either in person or otherwise (unless I'm actually navigating a uHaul through the Appalachian Mountains at the time). Otherwise? What does that mean? Yeah, I think we'll have to go the Skype route!! Ha! And even though it sounds like crap, you know your CoasterRadio crew will figure out a way of doing it better then anyone else!

Talk about this big news in the forum.

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