Wednesday, April 09, 2008 Book Club - Walt Disney Imagineering

There are a lot of great theme park related books out there that can educate us all about our favorite hobby.

Of course, the CoasterBoy in all of us probably knows many of the included facts, but sometimes you can learn an interesting tidbit or two that you didn't know before.

So, I was thinking... if Oprah can have a book club, maybe we can too!

The first book I'd like to recommend is Walt Disney Imagineering - A Behind the Dreams Look at Making the Magic Real.

When EB reads this post, he'll roll his eyes and make a smarmy comment about my unhealthy devotion to WDI... but this book is one of the favorite items in my library.

The book is a carefully written look at the history of Walt Disney Imagineering.  It was first printed in 1996, but it doesn't seem outdated.  The forward by Michael Eisner talks about how he was against any book that gave away the "secrets" of Disney's attraction development team.  But that once he saw how it would be more of a tribute, he signed on to the project.

There are great stories about the iconic Disney attractions that we all know and love, but the best parts of this book are the pictures that are included.  The authors went into the Imagineering archives and found dozens of amazing blueprints, images and renderings of attractions past and present, as well as many that were never built.

The book is a great thing to share with someone who doesn't quite understand your love for theme park design.   If they get a chance to flip through the pages of this book, they'll come a little bit closer to understanding your obsession.

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