Thursday, May 22, 2014 #829 - Cedar Point and the Gemini Midway

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* We discuss the clues surrounding Holiday World's "66 Days at Sea" 
* Did you see what EB discovered in Holiday World's Media Package?
* Your Listener Feedback on 5-Hour Princess Lines and Diagon Alley
* A Live Trip Report from Six Flags St. Louis.
* Mike's Trip Report from Walt Disney World, including reviews of FastPass+ and Be Our Guest.
* Cincinnati Jon heads to Cedar Point to check out the new Gemini Midway and the two new attractions.
* He interviews Rob Decker, Corporate VP of Planning and Design for Cedar Fair and 
Jason McClure, Vice President  and General Manager for Cedar Point.

* Plus a lot more!

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1 comment:

Buck Thomas said...

Mike & EB... letting you know that there are semi-normal listeners who do enjoy you getting into the Disney stuff a little bit... and appreciate the balancing act you do including all the home parks. Was very interested in your recent Fastpass+ experience, having been down to the mouse just a few weeks ago myself, but this particular epsisode was good because you and EB let it go and talked a bit about the contrast between Disney and Universal culture. Disney has invested literally billions into Fastpass+ to ensure they stay ahead of the game for years while Universal is investing hundreds of millions in establishing and maintaining their beachhead.
Thanks for a great show and giving the net the best theme park broadcast of them all.

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