Thursday, August 22, 2013 #744 - The Last Scream of Summer

We're getting close to the end of summer and that means we have reached the end of the 7th season of Coaster Radio!

Mike and EB go out with a bang with a lot of great park related discussion... including:

* A new report that says teenagers aren't going to the park as much as they did five years ago.

* A new, innovative ride reservation system at Thorpe Park in England

* The possible debunking of a Cedar Fair PR claim and

* The rumored opening of "Flying Turns" at Knoebels.

Plus, we have one last Interactive Topic for the season.  The audience calls in with their picks for their Top New Rides (or rides that are new to them) for 2013!

Thanks so much for being part of the Seventh Season of!!!

Check out all of the show notes and links in our new interactive ZEEN - "In Styleee!" It's brand new for Season Seven!


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