Thursday, August 08, 2013 #742 - Rides That YOU Made Extinct

We were watching "Jurassic Park" on TV the other night and laughing at the part of the movie where paleontologist Dr. Grant has just seen the dinosaurs. He says,

"I think we're out of a job."

And Ian Malcolm (played by the totally awesome Jeff Goldblum) says,

"Don't you mean extinct?"

So many of the things we do here at are inspired by pop culture and this week's show is no different.

This week, we ask the audience to pick one type of ride that they would like to see leave the face of the earth.  We're not looking for specific rides... only ride types.  Some of the answers (especially from E.B.) are shocking!

We also have a Live Trip Report from Magic Joe!  Joe is normally part of the Window to the Magic Podcast, but this week, he brought his binaural audio gear to California's Great America to record an audio treat for our ears on their new coaster "Gold Striker." You'll feel like you're on the ride with him!

The show then goes live to Orlando, Florida to talk with Mike's wife Molly.  She's down in the theme park capital of the world visiting Mike and Colleen (who have been featured on the show several times.)

They'll talk about the latest testing going on with MyMagic+ and some of the strange rumors floating around the Walt Disney World resort!

And, don't forget to take our LISTENER SURVEY! We're working on Season Eight of and want to hear from you guys about how the show is doing!

Check out all of the show notes and links in our new interactive ZEEN - "In Styleee!" It's brand new for Season Seven!


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