Monday, April 29, 2013

Interactive Topic - 15 Years of Disney's Animal Kingdom

On April 22, 1998 the Walt Disney Company opened the gates of a new type of theme park.

It mixed the storytelling and immersive theming  Disney is known for with incredible zoological displays featuring animals from around the world.

But after the park opened, it was met with criticism by some.

There were people who claimed that the park, even though it was the largest Disney park in existance, didn't have enough to do to keep people busy for a full-day.

Even today, after the editions of Dinoland USA and Expedition Everest, there are those who consider Animal Kingdom to be the fourth best park at the Walt Disney World Resort.

But when you take a look at what the park has to offer, it really is the most unique park in Disney's portfolio.

For this week's interactive topic, we want you to tell us your favorite thing about Animal Kingdom and your least favorite thing about Animal Kingdom.

Get your answers in by Tuesday, April 30th at 8:30pm!

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